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I was planning on launching a newsletter, however after discovering that it is extremely difficult to do, combined with my complete lack of technical skill, the task has proved so infuriating that I've decided to ditch the idea. If you did send my your email address in anticipation of receiving this newsletter, I do apologise and please be assured that your email address has been deleted from my records. But it was taking away from my book writing, which must come first.

However, I will still be writing the occasional (very) short story but they will be posted on my Facebook page instead, which you can follow here:

Once again, my sincerest apologies. Heather xx

My new book Raven is now available in paperback form on Amazon!

Raven, loner and assassin-for-hire, finds her reputation tarnished when a rival steals her contracts out from under her. She goes on the hunt, attempting to track him down before he destroys her good name completely. The vultures of the criminal underworld are circling, waiting until she is at her weakest before finishing her off.

On top of that, she's being pursued not only by a gang of neo-Nazi meth dealers but a psychotic torturer, who is intent on claiming her magnificent raven feather tattoos as his prize.

Most troubling of all, Aidan, her adored husband, has been missing for almost a year. She has no idea whether he is alive or dead.

Uncertain who she can trust as the net closes in, Raven ends up in a desperate bid for survival and long-buried secrets threaten to blow her world apart.

Contains strong language and scenes of violence and sex.

My first fantasy novel is available to purchase on Amazon Kindle! Only £3.99.


I am very pleased to announce that the Dividing Line book #10 will be available to download on Amazon Kindle on 22 January 2017. Synopsis to follow soon.


The Secret Keeper, third novel in the Unfinished Business series will be released on Amazon Kindle on 9th October 2016. 

Please note this title will not be available for pre-order.


Thanks for visiting!

I live in North Ayrshire in beautiful Scotland with my twin girls and husband Paul, although we are originally from Lancashire in the north of England. Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a child and I love writing in a variety of genres, especially historical, supernatural, crime and romance, combining and mixing them up. I am particularly interested in the Georgian and Victorian eras, 1920's and Scottish history, all of which I have set novels in.


By profession I'm a medical secretary, with experience in a variety of surgical departments.  However I left this very interesting career when I had my gorgeous and very cheeky twins, a move I have never once regretted.


When I'm not writing I love to read and I am particularly inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, the Brontes, Anne Rice, Karen Rose, Martina Cole, Ian Rankin, Stuart MacBride, Georgette Heyer and Daphne Du Maurier. I also enjoy yoga and contemporary and gothic bellydance.


I have been trying to get published for a few years now so being on Amazon feels like an exciting step forward!   Please look at my blog for new releases.


Many thanks to everyone who has downloaded my books, I hope you enjoy them. I also want to say thank you for the wonderful reviews I've received, which encourage me to keep going. Your support is greatly appreciated.



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I hope to see you again. Check back later for new updates to my website. There's much more to come!